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What is Ectropion surgery?
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What is Ectropion surgery?

Ectropion is an eye condition in which the lower eyelid folds outward, so that the inner area of the eyelid would be visible. It might cause some eye problems such as watery eye, irritation and dry eye. Doctors claim that, this eye condition can happen because of a damage or paralysis in the face.

If you do not follow the treatment methods , it would be followed by some corneal troubles or blindness. So it is very important that if you have this problem indications, you must visit an eye doctor. Although medications can help the healing process of it but in most cases a surgery must be done to be fully treated. Researches show that most of the people who had surgery to solve this eye problem, were satisfied of its result.

What causes ectropion?

To discuss more about the reasons of getting this eye disorder, we should say that the main reason is the weakness of eye muscles as we get older. We also mention some other reasons such as:

  • Genetic problems
  • If you lose your weight quickly
  • One reason is skin cancer
  • If your eyelid grows more than normal
  • A damage to the face muscles and nerves
  • Stroke
  • A hurt to the eye or scars
  • Another surgery

Treatment methods

For the treatment of ectropion your doctor might give you some lubrications and ointments which can help you to lighten the symptoms. This method can protect your cornea and prevent other damages.

Another method is to use a special eye tape which can hold your lower eyelid up and give back your eyelid’s figure.

But you should know that a surgery is necessary for a fully correction. Due to the reason of your ectropion, your surgeon chooses a particular type of surgery. If it is caused by aging and muscle weakness (because of getting older), the surgeon would remove a small part of lower eyelid. After that he would use some stitches under the eyelid so that the muscles and tendons become stiff again.

If that is caused by injuries or other surgery scars, the surgeon would use a skin transplant (grafting). He would use a part of patient’s skin from the back of his ear or the upper eyelid and graft it to the lower eyelid.

In most cases its surgery is an outpatient procedure.

Symptoms of ectropion

There are some specific indications related to this eye disorder such as:

  • Feeling pain in eye
  • Patient would be sensitive to light
  • Dry eye
  • Eye irritation is possible
  • Patient may feel burning in eye
  • Watery eye (too much tearing)
  • Eye redness
  • Eye swelling (chronic conjunctivitis)
  • Your vision may be reduced

If you had any of these symptoms, you should visit an eye doctor immediately.

What are the complications?

As every other surgery or treatment, ectropion has some complications too. We mention the risks below:

  • Patient may suffer irritation for a long time
  • Intense dry eye
  • Eye infection might occur
  • You may have some infected fluid around your eye
  • Corneal friction and scratches
  • Wounded cornea is possible
  • Disability of vision
  • Eye blindness


  • Feeling pain in eye
  • Dry eye
  • Patient may feel burning in eye
  • Watery eye
  • Eye redness
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