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Cataracts treatment by Secondary Lens Implantation
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Cataracts treatment by Secondary Lens Implantation

First of all we explain that what a lens implantation inside your eye is. A lens is a tiny piece of plastic which your surgeon will implant inside your eye. If you have cataracts (the cloudy parts of your eye’s lens are called cataracts) so the surgeon has to remove the cloudy lens from your eye and it would be replaced with a lens implant. In this cataracts treatment surgery the lens would be placed behind your iris (colored part of our eyes). The lens feature is to cause a better light focusing inside your eye. There are some situations that even the lens gets cloudy. This will bring some visual problems.

Cataracts treatment method

In usual cataracts treatment the surgeon removes the eye’s lens and replaces it with a small plastic lens to improve your vision, but sometimes after the surgery you still have some difficulties in reading or your sight. So the doctor will prescribe for you to use an eyeglass (with thick lenses) or a contact lens so that this problem can be solved. But nowadays there is another suggestion for such a problem. Secondary lens implantation is the answer.

If you are one of those who don’t like to use eyeglasses or contact lenses anymore, after your cataracts treatment, you can have another surgery to put this lens inside your eye so that you won’t have to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses. The lens has the same function as them. This surgery can be done even some years after your cataracts operation.

Secondary lens implants have some other advantages too. Contact lenses have to be put in or taken out every time, but secondary lenses do not function this way. You would not experience any magnification or other changes in shape like the glasses.

The surgery procedure

For the secondary lens implantation surgery your doctor would measure the size of your eye to find the best lens size for you. One tip that you should consider is that you cannot drive back your own so you must have a help to get back home. After the cataracts treatment surgery and recovery you need to go home and rest. Your doctor will give you some instructions for medicines and the resting time you have. The treatment procedure may take some days and your eye needs some weeks to become clear again.

During the surgery your surgeon would make an incision inside your eye and then put the lens inside. Your eye may need some stitches too.

Risks and complications

As you know, all surgeries have their risks too. Your surgeon will describe the risks of surgery for you, but we mention some of the feasible complications here:

  • Your retina may be cut or get detached
  • High pressure inside the eye may occur Glaucoma which is an optic nerve harm
  • In some cases the patient may lose his sight because of eye bleeding
  • In few cases you may need another surgery too
  • Vision loss may occur because of eye infection

Sometimes the lenses would get out of its location

  • after the cataract surgery,you may still have some difficulties in reading or your sight
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